Total Mommy Fitness: Personal Training & Nutritional Counseling for Moms
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Total Mommy Fitness™ offers personal training and nutritional guidance for pregnant women and new moms. Plus, a Prenatal Certification for health professionals.

lungeTotal Mommy Fitness has reached tens of thousands of busy moms all over the world with a holistic approach to staying fit physically and mentally since founded by Tatum Rebelle in 2005.

Tatum has been featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine and was chosen as one of “Austin’s Fittest” by Austin Fit Magazine. She has also received heartfelt endorsements from moms, doctors, doulas, and celebrities.

Learning from her own experience in addition to more than a decade of training and military service, Tatum teaches people how to create the life and body they want without needing to step foot in a gym.

me and martie

Martie Maguire of the Dixie Chicks and The Court Yard Hounds

“I feel so much more centered, energetic and happy when I am keeping myself fit. But as a mom of three young daughters, time can easily can get away from me and I end up blowing my fitness routine. Total Mommy Fitness gives me somewhere to go for extra inspiration, tips and motivation. It makes me feel like I am part of a community of moms that are striving to be healthier, for ourselves and for our children!”



monica brant

Monica Brant, World Pro Figure Champion, Pro Athlete and Cover Model

“Tatum has a very special gift of guiding each woman to her goals and modifying exercises to suit all stages of “mommyhood.” Depending on a mom’s fitness level, the workout can be harder or easier. And she has a ton of fun exercises that really give you a great burn! The workout can be for any shape, age, or fitness level. I would encourage all of you ladies to join in. Tatum genuinely cares about moms and has the knowledge and experience to back it up.”



Lacy Arnold, Women’s Fitness Expert 

“Tatum’s prenatal program is the best I’ve found for helping moms understand how to exercise during each trimester. I love the ease of use and how Total Mommy Fitness empowers pregnant women to take control of their fitness and recognize it as a vital part of a healthy pregnancy.”



Dr. J. Ben Worsley, MD

“As a pediatrician, one of the best things you can do for your children is teach them the importance of living a healthy life. Total Mommy Fitness gets the ball rolling towards an active healthy life.”


anne haskett

Anne Hasskett, Doula and Yoga Instructor

“As a Doula and Yoga Teacher, I am cautious who and where I refer Mamas. I completely trust what Tatum has created. And, her presence is truly a gift to the birthing and fitness community. Tatum’s mission is one that is sweet-natured as well as empowering. She focuses on the holistic health of both pre and post-natal women.”


Dr Laine

Dr. Laine Morales, Chiropractor

“Preparing for birth is a bit like preparing for a marathon. You wouldn’t show up on race day without doing months of exercise. The same goes for child birth.

In order to have a less stressful birth, it is necessary to be strong enough to go through this physically demanding process. Total Mommy Fitness is the perfect program to help you prepare for the miracle of bringing life into the world!”


Visit our Testimonials Page to see what moms are saying about Total Mommy Fitness™! Please send your questions and feedback to totalmommyfitness @ gmail dot com or call (210) 549-6297.

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