Happy Independence Day!! As a former soldier I kind of geek out when it comes to patriotic holidays. It’s a time to reflect on TMFCoverJulysmall One Fit Widow on Regrets and Lessons Learnedthose who have selflessly served to give others a better life. When thinking of moms to feature this month I wanted to share women that reflect the toughness and enduring spirit that I think this holiday symbolizes. America is a country that has been knocked down more than once, but always gets back up and comes back stronger than it was before. I have trained soldiers in the Army and I have trained moms, and can honestly say that they are equally tough… though, I think I would rather come up against a soldier than an angry mama! There is a fight and strength in mothers that in unrivaled by any other being on earth. In this issue I am happy to highlight several of them who embody strength, fortitude and selflessness. This month you will read about Michelle Steinke who suffered an unthinkable loss then used her grief not only fuel herself to become stronger, but also to help others going through similar situations. You’ll also read articles by Jennie Trower and Jarrett Arthur who have dedicated their lives to empowering women through self defense training and giving moms the tools needed to protect themselves as well as their families from harm. And, Karen Rabon who works full time and has raised over $100,000 for causes that are important to her and her family. All of these women are beyond impressive and inspiring. I hope that you enjoy reading their stories and advice, and draw from their strength and courage this month as you face your own obstacles.

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TMFCoverJuneSmall 12 Life Lessons for My Unborn Son and More in the New Issue of TMF Magazine!

I am delighted to have the beautiful and wise mama-to-be, Angel Chernoff, from MarcandAngel.com share her reflections on life that she and her husband, Marc, want to pass on to their firstborn son.

You will also find a mixture of parenting and fitness advice from talented writers and experts as well as a workout video that you can do at home with your kids and a delicious summertime recipe.

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It may seem like shunning junk food, soda, and other processed foods are enough for optimal health. According to fitness experts, it’s not just what you eat – knowing when to eat is very important.

Below are some guidelines regarding the ideal composition and timing of meals.

Basic Breakfast Guidelines

Many people believe every day should start with a hearty breakfast. However, there may be benefits in not eating breakfast or something smalll, as your body is in full detox mode during the morning.

Eating a poor diet and doing so at the wrong time can compromise your body’s ability to eliminate waste effectively. This can cause irregular bowel movements and even constipation.

Fitness experts advise re-examining what you’re eating for breakfast. It is highly recommended to eat only the following foods until noontime:

  • Vegetables, except for carrots and beets, which have lots of sugar
  • Low glycemic fruits like lemons, berries, and papayas
  • High-quality protein sources like whey protein, organic free-range chickens and eggs, and pastured meats

It is also crucial that you avoid refined carbohydrates, such as cereals, bagels, and bread. They can nullify your fitness efforts and raise your risk for health problems.

Your Post-Workout Meal

What you eat after your meals can influence the effect of your workout. After your workout, your body lacks nitrogen and your muscles have been broken down. Your muscles require nutrients to stop the catabolic or breakdown process, and trigger the process of rebuilding and growth. If you don’t supply your muscles with nutrients, the catabolic process can go too far and damage your muscles.

Similar to your breakfast choices, the ideal foods for your post-workout meal are high-quality proteins (like whey protein, pastured meat, free-range chicken, and organic eggs) combined with high-quality carbohydrates (from vegetables and low glycemic fruit).

Although it is crucial to combine vegetable-type carbohydrate with a high-quality protein in each meal, the type of workout you perform determines the timing of your meal. When you do cardio, you should wait 45 to 60 minutes before consuming your post-workout meal. For resistance training, where your body requires rapidly absorbed nutrients, you should wait 15 to 30 minutes.

What to Eat When Stressed

When you’re stressed, it is not advisable to eat large meals, since your digestion is suppressed. Stress can decrease nutrient absorption, reduce blood flow to your gut, and can cause you to excrete water-soluble nutrients and minerals. Eating while stressed can also cause an imbalance in your gut flora.

Fitness experts recommend eating small meals during stressful hours – when you’re physically or mentally on the run. They also advise eating high-quality whey protein because it is absorbed quickly.

How to Choose High-Quality Foods

Other than knowing what and when to eat, you should also know where to obtain high-quality foods.

Whey protein is a byproduct of the cheese making process. In order to reap all of its benefits, make sure that the product you buy comes from non-hormonally treated, pastured cows. It should be minimally processed, so its amino acids and beneficial immuno compounds are intact.

The best whey protein products often have medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs) rather than long-chain fatty acids. MCTs are easily digested and can be stored as energy.

Commercial whey products are often pasteurized and processed with heat and acid, which kills the nutrients in the whey product. They also frequently contain sweeteners and additives, which can do more harm than good. This is also the same for dairy products. Make sure that your whey and dairy products come from organic sources.

Vegetables and fruits should be organic and eaten raw/unprocessed as much as possible. Avoid buying commercial produce, as it is most likely covered with pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical toxins. Support organic produce, which is free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and using sustainable methods.


About the Author

Adrienne R. writes for Mercola. At present, she is researching popular foods that promote fitness, like whey protein powder, and vegan protein bar.



ipadvertical 2 Lessons From My Mother

When I had the idea to feature my mother in this issue I was excited to write the article. She had never been on the cover of a magazine, and I was happy to make her a cover girl. A couple friends asked if it would be hard for me to write, and I confidently said “not at all.” It’s been more than a decade since she passed away and I have had plenty of time to process and reflect… or so I thought.

What I wasn’t anticipating was the emotion of coming back home to Arizona for the birth of my nephew/her first grandson in the midst of getting this issue finished. The overwhelming feelings of love and loss and joy and grief… mixed with a bit of sleep deprivation have made this issue much more sentimental and cathartic than I ever anticipated.

It is a pleasure to share my mom with you as well as the lessons I learned from her and how Total Mommy Fitness came to be. I have not opened up publicly about this part of my life until now, and it feels like it is the right time. Big thanks to my friends and family for their support and encouragement in putting this together.

There are several other amazing women’s stories this month that I feel so blessed to have as a part of the magazine. They remind us the importance of living in the moment and prioritizing what really matters. In the spirit of that message I decided to release this issue a few days late to be at the hospital with my sister and spend some time with my new nephew.

newborn nikko Lessons From My Mother

I apologize for the delay, and knew that you would understand the need to put family first. I hope that you enjoy the heartwarming stories as well as the full body workout, healthy recipe, fitness tips and more.

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