Here is what our clients are saying

“I LOVED our grocery store trip!!!!  You have gone above and beyond what I thought it would be like to work with a trainer.  I’ve bragged about you to my friends!!!  I plan to keep up the food log, that really helps!!!!!” - Emily

“I am in my 30th week of my 1st pregnancy and have been training with Tatum for about a year and a half. She is awesome! She is exactly the kind of trainer you want whether you are pregnant or not! She is an expert about fitness and nutrition and is continually seeking additional education through workshops, books, and research. She is encouraging and motivating! She helps me by always being positive and persuading me to exercise even on the days when I don’t really feel like it. She is constantly learning new exercises, which makes our workouts fun and never boring! Tatum is friendly and easy to work with! She is genuinely concerned about your health and how you are feeling. If you are looking for someone who is well trained, positive, motivating, and fun to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, I would recommend Tatum!” – Casey

“Working with Tatum has been a very rewarding experience. I find her to be a motivating and knowledgeable trainer who is also very considerate of my strengths and weaknesses. Her workouts are never boring but always fun and interesting. I came to Tatum a year after major surgery and I’ve gained a lot of strength in the time we’ve worked out. She even worked with me after I broke my leg. Tatum is professional and fun to hang out with.” – Dona

“Tatum is great!!  I have always worked out and been a runner but Tatum opened my eyes to a whole new level of fitness.  When I met Tatum I was a ‘cardio queen.’ Tatum helped me incorporate a healthy eating plan and weight lifting plan into my routine.  I had always been afraid to lift weights for the reason that it would make me ‘bulk up.’ Tatum helped dismiss those fears in me and kept me motivated to learn more and push myself harder. She is a true inspiration. Tatum knows her stuff!!” – Ann

“I came to realize that exercise and physical health dramatically improved my overall quality of life. This being my third pregnancy in 3 years I knew more than ever that I needed to stay in shape. With the help of my personal trainer, Tatum, I was able to stay fit with safe exercises during my pregnancy. The results kept me motivated and inspired.” – Jenna

“It feels good to lose weight and be in better shape. I am probably in the best shape I’ve been in since high school.”

“The nutritional awareness and knowing how to be healthy, not skinny, were the best take-aways, and it was definitely worth the investment.”

“Very professional, well educated and care about what they are doing.”

“Great trainers who will help you have a healthy pregnancy and life.”

“They come to your house, which ends up being a little cheaper because gym fees and paying a personal trainer gets expensive.”

“A lot more personal, I feel like they care about me.”

“They are extremely knowledgeable and, more well-rounded than other trainers.”

“Definitely value it as an investment. It’s all about getting healthy and not thin, and it has improved my life by teaching me to be more aware of my body.”

“They are concerned with the whole person, not just your workout. A personal trainer is not worth paying that kind of money if they aren’t specific to you; it’s generic, they teach you how to use machines.”

“They come to your home and understand where you are coming from.”

“I gained a friend, not just a trainer.”

“I wasn’t just the “9-10″, she gave me attention and more time if she thought I needed it and was concerned for me as someone you care about, not just a paying client.”

“It’s a tremendous asset that you don’t have to buy big equipment.”

“Since working with Total Mommy Fitness, I am continuing to workout at home, I realized I don’t have to work out for a whole hour at the gym. I just do exercises throughout the day at home whenever I have 10 free minutes.”

“It’s motivating because if I’m paying money, I’m going to stick with it and pay attention to what I eat.”

“Although I have never been pregnant, I once looked it… I quit smoking on my birthday in Feb. (2 to 3 packs a day)…. By May I had gained 25 pounds even though I remained conscious of my diet and was in the gym 3 days a week. Tatum approached me one day and recognized, then complemented my dedication and offered to give me a free session. She explained some of the flaws in my workout she had noticed and offered some beneficial alternatives. I asked Tatum to train me for the month before I moved back to New Jersey. She proved very knowledgeable not only with new lifting options, but with diet suggestions as well. I continued the program Tatum had created for me through the summer. By September I was lifting twice the weight I had started with, lost 20 pounds and gained good lean muscle making my over all appearance the best it has ever been. I would recommend her to everyone.” – Greg