Benefits of Postpartum Exercise

Advantages of Post Pregnancy Exercise

* Minimizes postpartum depression

* Minimizes future incontinence and organ prolapse

* Allows faster recovery

* Reduces back strain from carrying and nursing a newborn

* Increases energy and strength

* Regain your pre-pregnancy body much faster

* Your body is much more prepared to handle holding and lifting your new baby


Advantages For Your Baby

* It has been proven that children are more likely to grow up fit and healthy when they are raised by healthy, active parents.

* When you exercise with your infant the motion has a soothing effect. Your newborn can easily be incorporated into your exercise routine.

* Getting your kids involved in your workouts is a healthy way to spend quality time together. Your children will grow up with positive memories of working out as a family.

* Exercise is a habit more than anything. The sooner they begin this habit the more likely they are to keep it throughout their lives.

* Staying fit together will not only help to keep them healthy children, but is more likely to make them healthy adults.


Benefits of Working with Total Mommy Fitness According to Clients

•  Nutrition, Sense of not beating myself up for missing one day of working out, Motivated me to do as much as possible with nutrition and exercise every day

•  Service in home (privacy), Quality of service and expertise, Online exercise service available

•  Ability to help people engage in a healthier lifestyle, not just workouts, Migraines are better, Becoming physically stronger

•  Flexibility, Opportunity to exercise at home with your kids, Additional advising for pregnant women, or recently pregnant

•  They work with what you have at your home, so there’s no excuses for you not to workout, They don’t just train you they work with you on your personal goals, nutrition, lifestyle and body changes