Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise

Modern medical research is disproving many of the old misconceptions about what pregnant women can and cannot do. We now know that exercise is not only acceptable for pregnant women, but can actually help prevent many of the dangers that can occur during pregnancy.


Pregnancy Exercise can:

*  Decrease the rate of miscarriage

* Normalize hormones and produce endorphins that reduce stress

* Strengthen joints and prevent injury

* Improve posture

* Improve a pregnant mom’s cooling system. (However, never exercise when the weather is excessively hot and humid)

* Improve calcium absorption to prevent hypertension, preeclampsia and future osteoporosis

* Minimize stretch-marks, varicose veins, abdominal separation (Diastasis) and hyperventilation

* Improve self-esteem and well-being

* Decrease risk of postpartum depression

* Reduce C-sections by more than half as well as reducing the need for other medical interventions

* Help maintain bone density

* Increase muscle mass while decreasing fat stores and raising your metabolism as a result


Benefits of Exercise for Babies

* Every time you exercise your baby gets an increase level of oxygen into his/her blood that increases the baby’s metabolism, making all of their tissues, especially the brain, function better.

* The hormones that are released during your exercise pass across the placenta and reach your baby. When you exercise your baby receives an emotional lift from your adrenaline.

* Your baby experiences the same relaxation that you feel after exercise due to release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural mood booster and pain reliever. This effect can last up to eight hours.

* The movement of staying active and doing exercises such as walking or swimming is soothing and beneficial for your baby.

* As you exercise your abdominal muscles exert a kind of massage on your baby that is comforting and soothing.

* During exercise, blood flow is optimum and so your baby’s growth and development proceeds from all its benefits.

* Babies receive a better supply of oxygen and nutrients because the exercising pregnant woman has a larger, more efficient placenta.

* Getting in shape before pregnancy and staying active while pregnant leads to a healthier, happier baby.

* Babies are born calmer, healthier and fitter and handle labor better, as well as adapt faster to the outside world.

* Babies are born with better motor skills, and have improved neurological and mental development. Data has shown increased intelligence levels up to 5 years.

* Babies are often leaner with a much less chance of future weight problems. That should be enough motivation to get you going!


Benefits of Working with Total Mommy Fitness According to Clients

•  Nutrition, Sense of not beating myself up for missing one day of working out, Motivated me to do as much as possible with nutrition and exercise every day

•  Service in home (privacy), Quality of service and expertise, Online exercise service available

•  Ability to help people engage in a healthier lifestyle, not just workouts, Migraines are better, Becoming physically stronger

•  Flexibility, Opportunity to exercise at home with your kids, Additional advising for pregnant women, or recently pregnant

•  They work with what you have at your home, so there’s no excuses for you not to workout, They don’t just train you they work with you on your personal goals, nutrition, lifestyle and body changes