Beyonce, Hilary, Jessica, Reese, Tori… is there something in the water?!

March 24, 2012 · 2 comments

pin it button Beyonce, Hilary, Jessica, Reese, Tori... is there something in the water?!

baby Beyonce, Hilary, Jessica, Reese, Tori... is there something in the water?!Hilary Duff and Beyonce recently had babies, Jessica Simpson is still very pregnant, we just learned of Reese Witherspoon and Tori Spellings’ pregnancies, and the rumor that Angelina Jolie is pregnant never seems to go away…for the record, I don’t believe she is. That is just a handful of the long list of celebs who are new moms or moms-to-be. There seems to be a baby boom happening in Hollywood.

Personally, I think it is great, and congrats to them all. My only concern is the way celebrity pregnancies are often covered in the news. Pregnancy (specifically exercise during and weight loss after the baby) is a topic that has SO much misinformation, and people tend to look to their favorite celebs for guidance and inspiration. Whether is it Jessica’s “slutty” brownies, or Reese’s workout, or Beyonce dropping the baby weight overnight, or Tori getting pregnant at 38, their fans and other moms are watching and comparing. Whether these ladies like it or not they have an influence on other women.

Beyonce does have an amazing body after having baby Blue Ivy. She is a dancer! She has worked her butt off her entire life for it. There is no secret she has that we do not. Good old fashioned exercise, and I bet she eats pretty well too. The reason she looks so amazing 2 months after giving birth is because she looked that amazing before she got pregnant, and did not let her body go during pregnancy. Any other woman can do that too! Being rich, or a celebrity, or wearing a prosthetic belly and hiring a surrogate, or any of the other silly rumors have nothing to do with it.

It was not surprising to hear Jessica Simpson talking about craving brownies and eating fried oreos, and appearing to be near her due date even though she says she still has many weeks to go. She has publicly struggled with food and her weight for years. I cringe though when I hear her talking about how great they are. Now the “slutty” brownie recipe is circulating around hundreds of websites being baked in homes across the country.  I cannot even image how many calories and grams of saturated fat… please don’t get me wrong I LOVE chocolate. And, I believe in a splurge and treating yourself.

There is a myth that pregnant woman are eating for two. The average pregnant woman only needs an extra 300 calories per day. Though they do need a lot of nutrients! It is so important to pay attention to what you are putting into your body while you are pregnant, not only for your own health and ability to bounce back post baby, but for the health and weight of your child. Here’s the good news. Studies have shown that chocolate can actually be good for you and your baby! But, good sources of dark chocolate, and in moderation.

Some women crave more sweets while others are easily able to resist. Every woman’s body is different and every pregnancy is different. Celebrities struggle with the same weight battles, cravings, and other issues that many new moms face. It is important for us to remember to not look at them any differently or as role models of how it should be done.


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