“Eating for two” without gaining extra fat during pregnancy

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eating for two e1343753455796 Eating for two without gaining extra fat during pregnancyI am sure you have heard the phrase “eating for 2″, but have you thought about what that really means? Are you really eating for two people?

Your baby goes from a tiny little spec on the ultrasound screen to a small person in about 40 weeks. That is pretty incredible when you think about it! The woman’s body is absolutely amazing. In order to be the healthiest you can be and create the healthiest baby you can it is important to understand just what this phrase “eating for two” really means.

Yes, it is true, you are nourishing two bodies. But, a fetus does not need many calories to grow. Calories are what our bodies use for energy to perform our daily activities. The bigger you are and the more active you are the more calories you will need each day. A tiny baby is not very active and therefore does not need more than a few hundred daily calories to grow. They do on the other hand require a lot of nutrients to create working organs, strong bones, a fit body, and a healthy brain.

If you are not eating enough nutrients in your diet it is possible that your body will take the vitamins and minerals it needs for your baby from your body! If your baby needs something it will most likely get it… at your expense. Be sure you are nourishing yourself and your growing baby.

Many women are afraid of gaining weight during pregnancy which is understandable since we’ve spent most of our lives trying to keep it off. But, not eating enough can can have harmful effects on both mother and child. So can eating too much. It is important to eat the amount you need for yourself on a daily basis, plus the extra 300 for your baby.

I personally do not count calories much. You do not have to obsess over the number. If you are eating a few healthy small meals and a couple healthy snacks you are most likely getting enough. Skipping meals, fast food, limited variety, or lacking fruits and veggies are the things to avoid.

Studies have shown that how you eat during your pregnancy can shape your child’s eating habits. Use pregnancy as an excuse to create healthier eating habits for yourself, and give your baby a head start in life.

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