No excuses

January 11, 2013 · 3 comments

I know you may be tired, uncomfortable, big, cranky, busy, and so on, but pregnancy is not a time to kick your feet up! Every little bit counts so get moving and reap the benefits for both you and your baby.

pregnancy exercise No excuses

Exercising on the Jacobs Ladder in her 3rd trimester

Check out Melanie on the Jacob’s Ladder during her 3rd trimester! It is hard, and uncomfortable, but she’s doing it with a smile… and will I bet you she is going to bounce back quick when her little boy arrives.

  • Allison

    SO amazing!! I love working out while pregnant! I even do it when I think my hips will hurt and it gives me great strength when I am done. Great job Melanie! I am not in my third trimester (14 weeks) but I hope I almost look as good as you do :) – Allison

    • Melanie

      Thanks, Allison! It actually really helps how I feel overall! I am sure you will do great! :) -Melanie

  • Beth Taliaferro

    Wow! Melanie looks awesome!

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