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What To Expect During Your Pregnancy

Every woman’s pregnancy is different, so it is difficult to say exactly how each one will progress. Though, there are many things in common among most pregnant women.

Some of the symptoms that most women experience are heightened sensitivity to certain smells and food, extreme fatigue, morning sickness (which may last all day), bloating, tender breasts, and mood swings. As the pregnancy progresses there may be tightness and even a little pain in the belly as it grows and stretches. Feeling uncomfortable is pretty normal, but if there is ever anything that does not feel right or makes you feel uneasy do not hesitate to contact your doctor.Pregnant Woman

Once you find out for sure that you are pregnant, it may be smart to begin shopping for some maternity clothes… especially pants! There is usually a maternity section at most stores, and cities will typically have resale shops where you can buy gently used clothes at a lower price. But, you can also simply wear over-sized shirts and elastic waist pants.

Women will go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, physically and mentally. Mood swings will become more intense, so do not be surprised if you cry at Hallmark commercials. There may also be many trips to the bathroom as the pregnancy progresses.

It is very important that pregnant women do their best to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, this would include not smoking or being near secondhand smoke, avoid drinking alcohol, limiting caffeine, and staying away from the things that their doctor says to stay away from, i.e. soft cheeses. processed meats, etc. In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods.  This will help to promote good development for the child and will be a healthy start for him/her. And of course, moderate and consistent exercise throughout pregnancy. If you are unsure of what is safe, read these posts: Pregnancy Exercise and Yoga During Pregnancy.

Many of the symptoms of pregnancy are not comfortable or pretty, but find comfort in knowing that what you are experiencing is most likely a normal part of being pregnant and nothing to worry about. Symptoms also come and go during pregnancy, so if you are feeling very sick and tired early on remind yourself that it will pass. In just 9 months you will have a beautiful baby in your arms that you can take pride in making, and will forget about how just uncomfortable the past several months were!

This information is not designed to be used in place of professional medical advice.  Any woman who believes she may be pregnant should consult a doctor.

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