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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

While dealing with the infant is bound to take a toll on your health, you will also find yourself grappling with the worries of how to lose the postpartum weight. This appears to be a huge challenge, especially since you are aware that you can neither diet nor exercise immediately after giving birth.

When you are nursing the baby, it is not advisable to start a diet. Even before starting to work out, you should ideally get an approval from your doctor. This is because the nature of birth is not the same for all women; while some have had a natural delivery, others may have to go through a C-section. While challenging, losing postpartum weight is possible if we can successfully adopt these following practices.

Tips for losing weight after pregnancy:

Breastfeed: Feeding your infant can help you lose pounds faster. Breastfeeding mothers are likely to burn as many as 600 additional calories each day.

Well balanced diet: When you are trying to deal with postpartum weight, it may be a mistake to begin a diet. Your body needs a steady supply of nutrients when you are recovering from a delivery, and breastfeeding the baby. However, you can replace the high fat and caloric foods with more lean proteins, whole grains and vegetables. For snacks, you can opt for fruits or yogurts.Postpartum weight loss

If you are unsure about the right choice of foods, you can use the help of weight loss programs that create diet plans for new moms. For example, Nutrisystem, a popular weight loss program in America, supplies diet dishes at the doorsteps of subscribers. Their meals are nutritionally fortified and incorporate low calorie ingredients. They also offer diet plans for nursing mothers.

Physical activity: The best way to get rid of the postpartum weight is to move as much as you can. If you can manage to walk for just a mile every day, it can work wonders for your metabolism. Walking is considered to be the best form of exercise during this time since it will not interfere with your baby’s routine; you can always take him/her in a stroller with you.

Drink water: When you breastfeed, it is important to stay hydrated. You can drink pregnancy teas to replenish the vital minerals and vitamins that your body may have lost. When you drink plenty of water, you also stay away from unhealthy snacking because being hydrated curbs hunger pangs.

Losing weight after pregnancy is achievable when you make smart food choices and keep yourself physically active. Try not to rush losing the postpartum weight. Your body needs time to heal. You can set attainable targets and strive to achieve them instead of expecting to lose weight right away. The key to losing postpartum weight is patience and commitment and enjoying the experience of nursing your bundle of joy.

Guest post by Jessica Robert is a fitness enthusiast who actively blogs on interesting diet and fitness related topics. You can read her most recent article at

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