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100 Day Mind + Body Transformation Registration is Open!

Make 2016 the Year That You Transform Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Life, For Good!


While traditional fitness programs only focus on the superficial aspects of getting in shape without exercising the most important part of your body — YOUR MIND — the 100 Day Mind + Body Transformation is designed to help you dig deep and find the mental blocks that have been holding you back from reaching your goals. My effective and easy to follow physical fitness program will also strengthen, slim and tone your body.

Join me, along with 10-15 other motivated women, for 100 days of guidance, accountability, community, support, and friendship. This limited time, exclusive opportunity is customized to your specific needs and offers the guidance and accountability of private coaching as well as the benefits of group support.

Together, we will discuss the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your goals, identify your roadblocks, and use the latest science to help you move you past them… permanently! You will develop positive new mental and emotional habits while getting physically stronger, leaner and healthier. 

Working on the mind and body together gives us the power to find YOUR recipe for lasting success. We will work within your individual schedule, goals, food and exercise preferences. I will show you the proven ways to maximize results while minimizing the time, mental energy, and physical effort expended. In just four months, you will be a better version of yourself, have the tools that will last a lifetime and hopefully some new friendships that will, too!

Here are some of the topics we will be tackling head-on in this safe and supportive group:

  • Maximizing Workouts to Increase Calorie Burn
  • Overcoming Sugar/Food Addiction
  • Getting a Handle on Binge Eating
  • Finding Motivation
  • Creating Healthy Habits While Eliminating Destructive Ones
  • Dealing with Overwhelm and Exhaustion
  • Eliminating Self-Defeating Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Time-Saving Tips and Tricks
  • Optimizing Diet and Exercise
  • Prioritizing Yourself
  • Healing the Old Wounds That Steal Your Health and Happiness
  • Reaching and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight
  • Designing Daily Rituals That Save Time and Energy
  • Cultivating De-Stressing Self-Care Practices
  • And Much More!

Register now before it fills up! The program runs from February 15th through May 24th. Whether you want to rock that bathing suit, vacation without gaining, or juggle family needs with the tools you need to stay on track this summer, the 100 Day Mind + Body Transformation will prepare you to meet your goals and overcome your challenges.

Some of the perks that you will receive during the 100 Day Mind + Body Transformation include:

  • Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls (via video or phone) —IMG_runningwithdogs
    16 x $150 = $2,400 Value
  • Monthly One-on-One Calls with Me, Your Coach and Cheerleader —
    4 x $100 = $400 Value
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group for Support and Q&A —
    4 x $299/month = $1,196 Value
  • Exclusive Membership Site, Helpful Tools and Guidance, Proven Life Changing Science-Based Methods Instead of Rhetoric —
    Priceless 😉

Instead of paying over $4000 for these individual services you will pay only $995 for this streamlined, limited time offer guaranteed to get you real results!


I’m offering a no-nonsense, practical approach to transforming your life, not a slick program full of jargon but no substance. You will benefit from my 15 years of experience working with women and the knowledge I have gained from extensive research in the fields of kinesiology, behavioral sciences, and neuroscience. I will personally guide you through the proven process of transformation step-by-step, offering everything you need to know to better yourself, your life, and your body, without the fluff.

I am so confident that I can help you change your life in just 100 Days — I will make you a personal promise, backed up by a GUARANTEE. If you are not seeing the changes that you want within the first 30 days, I will give you a FULL REFUND! Which means you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try, besides some body fat and mental baggage.

If you’d like to take part in this limited time, limited space offer, please take a minute to fill out the short application below. If you prefer, you can also send an email to TatumRebelle@gmail.com and tell me your TOP 3 GOALS for 2016 and what you think has been preventing you from achieving those goals. Then when you’ve finished, congratulate yourself for taking the first step toward lasting change!


Here are just a handful of testimonials from clients who have seen life-changing results:

“She knows her stuff like no other and is genuinely concerned for my progress and wellbeing. Each workout is tailored to exactly what my body needs that day. I walk away invigorated, educated and brimming with body confidence.  I recommend her ecstatically.” ~ Sam

“Tatum gave me the exact kind of support that I needed. She first helped me to build balance and strength. Then came the deeper training that gave me tone again! Tatum has an integrity and drive that inspires me, and that inspiration helps so much when we train together. She helped me within one of the most important transitions of my life! Now I have a new confidence in my body, and my ability to care for my body.” ~ Sallysara_hash

“Tatum’s plan makes it happen. Several times something would come up, and I may have to include my baby, but I still got my workout in. Life happens, and I love that I can include my oldest son. Not only am I benefiting, but I feel like I am setting a good example for him. Now my son asks me when we’re going to workout again. He enjoys it and his physical activity foundation is being set at a young age. I just recently went back to work, and I feel great! I take a lot of pride in the fact that I am wearing some of the same clothes I wore before any of the babies came!” ~ Sara

“Working with Tatum has been a very rewarding experience. I find her to be a motivating and knowledgeable trainer who is also very considerate of my strengths and weaknesses. Her workouts are never boring but always fun and interesting. I came to Tatum a year after major surgery, and I’ve gained a lot of strength in the time we’ve worked out. Tatum is professional and fun to hang out with.” ~ Dona

“Tatum is great!!  I have always worked out and been a runner, but Tatum opened my eyes to a whole new level of fitness. When I met Tatum, I was a ‘cardio queen.’ Tatum helped me incorporate a healthy eating plan and weight lifting plan into my routine.  I had always been afraid to lift weights for the reason that it would make me ‘bulk up.’ Tatum helped dismiss those fears in me and kept me motivated to learn more and push myself harder. She is a true inspiration. Tatum knows her stuff!!” ~ Ann


Are you so motivated to transform your life and body you know this is the right program for you? Just click the Buy Now button and let’s do it!

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I am serious about the money back guarantee. If you are following the program as advised, but not excited and seeing amazing results within the first 30 days you can leave with a full refund and no hard feelings.

If price the only thing stopping you for transforming your mind and body, don’t let it! I am happy to work out a payment plan if you are motivated to be a part of the 100 Day Mind + Body Transformation and are committed to reaching your goals. Just send me an email tatumrebelle@gmail.com.

Interested to see the kind of changes that can be made in just 100 Days? Check out this awesome website giveit100.com. My hope is that you end up on it 🙂



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