Pregnancy Exercise and Weight Questions Answered

August 20, 2012 · 0 comments

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I recently stumbled across a great blog post on and thought it was worth sharing. Women are often not sure how much weight they should gain during pregnancy, and are unaware that the recommendations change based on the weight they are starting at when they get pregnant. The Fit Bottomed prenatal yoga Pregnancy Exercise and Weight Questions AnsweredMama blog explains why pregnancy is not a time to slack on your exercise routine and just how much weight you should aim for while you are pregnant.

Many of my clients are afraid of putting on pounds because they are used to being conscious of their diet and exercise routines and keeping weight off. So, eating well and working out only to gaining weight anyway can require a big mental adjustment! I assure them that even though the scale is moving, their hard work in the gym and nutritious diet is not in vain.

Very few of the pounds gained will be actual fat if you maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy. To learn more about where the extra weight goes, read Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy.



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