Healthy weight gain during pregnancy

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The usual recommendation is to gain between 25-30 pounds during your pregnancy. It may be a little more or less depending on the weight you are starting at. Typically the aim is to gain about 3.5 pounds during your first trimester, although most women find that they lose weight their first trimester. This is because of morning sickness.  Some women suffer from such a severe case of morning sickness they cannot keep anything down.  Your doctor will probably not be very concerned if you lose a few pounds in the first trimester as long as you gain steady throughout the next two trimesters.

Your second trimester is where you will put on more weight. Most women put on about a pound a week, which brings their second trimester weight gain to about 12-15 pounds. Some women put on more while others put on less. Do not be surprised if you put on a lot of weight one month and not as much the next.
pregnancy weight Healthy weight gain during pregnancy
In the third trimester you will probably continue about a pound each week or so. Look to gain between 8 and 10 pounds those months. You might find your weight gain coming to a end as your due date draws nearer. This can be a sign that labor is on the horizon. Though you may find that your weight gain continues especially if you are retaining a lot of water.

It does not make sense that you should gain between 25-30 pounds if your baby is only going to weigh 7 or 8 pounds, though some can weigh 5 while others will be 10.

That amniotic fluid that your baby has been swimming in for the past nine months weighs about 2 pounds.  About 2 pounds is added your breasts and 1 1/2 pounds for your placenta. Your uterus, which started off about the size of a golf ball has grown to weigh about 2 pounds. Your body should be producing about 4 pounds of extra blood by the end of your pregnancy and about 7 extra pounds of fat (you can keep this to a minimum with consistent, moderate exercise). The extra fluid is about 4 pounds that your body might be holding on to. All this equals about 30 pounds.

It is important to maintain a healthy weight gain throughout your pregnancy. Your body needs about 300 calories each day, and it is best for you and your baby if those extra calories come from food that has a lot of nutritional value such as fruits, vegetables, or a healthy source of protein. Staying away from junk food will help you control your weight gain.

When it comes to taking the weight off keep this in mind that it took nine months to gain the weight so be patient with yourself when it comes to taking it off.

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