Why you need a pre-pregnancy fitness routine

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The best way to not gain too much weight during your pregnancy, and the easiest way to bounce back quickly after your baby is to be in great shape before you get pregnant. Think of stars like Beyonce and Halle Berry who looked incredible just weeks after having their babies. It’s not because of some miracle weight loss secret, it is because they were in amazing shape before they got pregnant and stayed in shape during their pregnancies. They never got out of shape so there was no long battle to get back in shape!pregnancy test Why you need a pre pregnancy fitness routine

Many women get pregnant and don’t what is safe to do so they end up not doing much if anything at all. In general, any exercise you were doing before you were pregnant is safe to continue during pregnancy, with the exception of horseback riding and activities like that which would put you in harms way… talk to your doctor.

Exercise relieves stress, improves sleep, increases confidence and body awareness, which will all come in handy during pregnancy and labor. I believe that working out can even help you get pregnant. I’m obviously not a doctor, but I think that if you are taking care of your body it is only going to help the process. Many clients over the years have come to me while they have been in the process of trying to get pregnant and shortly after starting a regular workout routine had success.

If you form the habit of regular exercise ahead of time you will be more likely to stick to it while you are pregnant. Since extreme fatigue is a common symptom of the first trimester, it is not likely you will want to start working out once you are pregnant and exhausted. It takes 21 days to form a habit. If you are trying to conceive try to exercise consistently for at least a month before you start.

Pregnancy is the most physically demanding thing your body will ever do. Make sure you are prepared by training ahead time for it like you would any other athletic event.

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