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How to quickly build upper body strength by doing a reverse push up ~ 1:22

How to improve posture and strength ~ 1:24

How to crunch safely and effectively for a strong core ~ 1:37

Why you need to plank ~ 1:33

How to strengthen lower body ~ 1:13

Ab Roll Down. A safe alternative to crunches during pregnancy ~ 1:10

How to modify Ball Crunches for Pregnancy ~ 2:37

Why 140 is a ridiculous number… ~ 4:07

How to do a proper pushup and modify for pregnancy ~ 2:39

Pre and post pregnancy abs exercises ~ 4:25

Why 140 is a ridiculous number ~ 4:07

Stretching and Core Strengthening Exercises for Pre- and Postnatal Mothers ~ 3:00

Lose weight, eat healthier and learn how to gain control of your SWA ~ 1:17

Do you have a Strong Willed Appetite? ~ 1:28

Carbs: complex vs simple ~ 1:48

Nuts and treats! Talking nutrition at Central Market ~ 3:59

Fat can be good! It has a bad reputation, but it’s not all bad ~ :52

The 9 Lies You’ve Been Told About Pregnancy Fitness
And The Latest Research That Proves Them Wrong