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Rules and Disclaimers


We love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave your opinion, give advice, ask questions, and if you have a site that you think is relevant, you are welcome to leave a link for others to visit.

All comments are moderated. They will not be approved if they are not relevant to the post, spam, just a link with no content, blatant self-promotion, contain profanity, or seem inappropriate in any way.

Total Mommy Fitness is committed to a high standard of content. We sincerely appreciate when readers add to the conversation, but will not tolerate when someone takes away the quality of the experience from others.


There is a lot of health and fitness advice on this blog. Much of it is based on research and more than a decade of personal training experience. That said, the author is not a medical doctor, and the information on this blog is not medical advice. It should not be taken as such. Always talk to your doctor before starting any new strenuous exercise program.

Ads and Links:

The ads on this blog were chosen carefully with the readers in mind. Anything accepted as an advertisement is an effort to add value to the audience.

Some of the links on this blog are affiliates. I assure you that each link was carefully chosen and was placed on this site for a reason. I hope you find them useful and appreciate your support!

Guest Posts:

Some guests posts are accepted if they are relevant to the audience that Total Mommy Fitness serves. Links are allowed, but must be approved prior to the post. Contact us at if you are interested in writing a guest post for this blog.

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